Evenemang, seminarier, konferenser, mm.


22-26 maj, Warszawa, Polen

Inaternational Mobility Conference (IMC18). Information Resulting in Mobility and Ability.

Information: https://imc18poland.com/

24-27 maj, Ljubljana, Slovenien

35th EACD (European Academy of Childhood disability) annual meeting: Smarter Goals for Better Future. Information: https://www.eacd.org/Future-Meetings

4-8 juni, Caragena, Columbia

17th ISPRM (International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine) World Congress - ISPRIM 2023. Information: https://isprm2023.org/

14-16 juni, Halmstad, Sverige

10th Nordic Health Promotion Reserach Conference. Sustainability and the impact on health and well-being. Information: https://hh.se/english/about-the-university/events/nordic-health-promotion-research-conference.html

24-27 juli, Cancún, Mexico

19th Biennial Conference of ISAAC (International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Communication Beyond Borders. Information: https://isaac-online.org/english/home/

13-15 september, Ljubljana, Slovenien

11 th European Conference on Mental Health. Information: https://ecmh.eu/

18-19 september, Stockholm, Sverige

Intradagarna 2023 Information: https://www.fub.se/kalender/intradagarna-2023/ 

24-28 september, Singapore, Singapore

REHABWeek 2023,  7th RehabWeek. International Consortium on Rehabilitation Technology (ICRT)  Information: https://www.rehabweek.org/

19 oktober, Lund, Sverige

Certek informerar. Information: https://www.certec.lth.se/certec-informerar/aktuellt/


1-6 juni, Sydney, Australien

ISPRM 2024 – 18th World Congress of the ISPRM. Information: https://www.isprmsydney2024.com/

9-12 juni, Linköping, Sverige

chscom2024 Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication. Information: https://liu.se/en/research/linnaeus-centre-head/chscom

4-8 augusti, Chicago, USA. Save the date!

IASSIDD 17th  World Congress. Information: IASSIDD – Chicago 2024 (iassidd2024.org)

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