Swedish Network on Disability Research

This national network seeks to provide a forum for multi-disciplinary contacts and cooperation in research and education relating to disability. Teaching and research environments around the country are usually small and national solutions are required.

The Swedish national network for disability researchers has held regular biannual meetings since the end of the 1990s supported by grants from FAS, later FORTE.

The emphasis is on the two network meetings held each year, but a lot of information is also exchanged via the e-mail lists administered by the network coordinator. At the network meetings, the ongoing research and education in the respective districts are presented, and the latest research and research policy questions are discussed. Scientific presentations and seminars on specific themes are also arranged. A number of working groups have been established, dealing with educational questions, the development of a home page, seminars and conferences, the journal “Forskning om funktionshinder pågår”, cooperation with practice and disability organizations etc. Other working groups consider specific research questions such as Children and young people with disability and Crime-victim research. The national network is also the forum responsible for Sweden’s cooperation with the other Nordic countries through the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR).

Last modified: 2022-01-26